Top Things to do on Hwy 30A Florida Travel Tips

TOP 21 BEST THINGS TO DO ON HWY 30A: Where to Eat, Drink, & Shop

30A Florida guide to the top restaurants & shops in Santa Rosa, Grayton, Watercolor, Seaside, Seagrove Beach, Watersound, & Rosemary Beach…

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Going Barefoot

The Simple Joy of Going Barefoot

There’s no better time for going barefoot than summertime in the South. Kids especially know this to be true. One summer afternoon when I was eight, I ran barefoot through the soft green crunch of my front yard grass, then suddenly sank my right foot into…

Tomato Taste Pursell Farms Event Chef Joe Truex

The Great Tomato Taste at Pursell Farms: An Evening to Savor

I love the sun-touched taste of a ripe tomato. But even I was a little skeptical about attending “Tomato Taste” at Pursell Farms, where all four meal courses featured the humble tomato in some form or fashion, even down to the dessert.

Summer Memories

Summer Memories: Discovering a Fountain of Youth in a Simpler time

I remember the first time I tasted honeysuckle—looking at the golden flower, it offered the tiniest drop of sweetness that tasted like summer on my tongue.

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