Lakeside Living: Finding Serenity in the Quiet of the Lakeshore

Lakeside Living
Originally published in the June 2020 issue of Lakeside Living magazine. Click here for the magazine issue.

Lakeside living. 

The phrase takes on new meaning this time each year.  At the lakeshore, if you take a moment to look a bit more closely, you’ll discover the wide, eager eyes of new life, peeping out of the nest.  Small paws tread quietly through the fragrant grass with large ears alert to anything that rustles. A little bird, with a curious eye and head of iridescent blue, hops into view. 

Across the rippling green waters of the lake, five downy goslings paddle closely together, looking like obedient pre-schoolers on their first day of class. 

Regal herons silently rise. 

Their young wait for them high in the pines, their spiky heads camouflaged by a fan of green needles.  Perched even higher, two ospreys gaze with hawk-like yellow eyes into the blue. Near the water’s edge, snow-white feathers flash in the sun as an egret unwinds its long ivory neck, the movement falling somewhere between grace and strength. 

The lake teems with new life, yet there is stillness. The innocent fragility of another spring’s newborns finding balance with the driving force of life. 

To see the world one animal at a time is to find comfort in the quiet of the lakeshore. 

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