10 Day Sheet Mask Facial Challenge | What I Learned Along the Way

After 10 days of wearing sheet masks, I've learned quite a lot, and not just about my skin.

Is it ok to apply a sheet mask facial every day? Can you leave sheet masks on for longer? Does a sheet mask facial even work?

After embarking on a 10-day sheet mask facial challenge experiment, I now have some answers. I hadn’t intended to indulge in a daily sheet mask treatment, but my monthly Ipsy subscription had resulted in a bathroom drawer filled with shiny, colorful packets, each one promising a sought-after skin benefit.

I have a tendency to want to “save” things for special occasions, but with no social outings or events on the horizon, I glanced inside the crowded drawer and asked myself, “What am I really waiting for?”

So, in the spirit of seizing the day, I seized the first sheet mask I saw, made myself a hot bubble bath, and began my ten-day daily sheet mask adventure.

10 day sheet mask facial challenge korean skincare

Day 1: Wakepure Avocado Nourishing Mask from Jayjun Cosmetics

Wakepure avocado nourishing sheet mask facial

Promise: “A skin-nourishing face mask that reduces the look of dryness and provides opulent glow.”

While I soaked in the tub, I felt the highly-emollient glycerine and avocado-based mask press against and into my skin. After the 20 minutes were up, I patted the rest of the product still inside the packet onto my face. 

It took some time for the rest of the product to sink in, leaving me looking like a shiny mess for a while anyway, but my skin did feel more moisturized than usual. The 10 day sheet mask facial experiment was off to a promising start.

Day 2: Avette Daily Fresh Squeeze “Soothing Lychee”

Avette daily fresh squeeze sheet mask facial

Promise: “The mask soothes sensitive skin with the synergy of Hawaiian Coconut Water and Lychee extract, which has an excellent skin-soothing effect.” 

Today, before I even applied the mask, I noticed the soothing effect of the fragrance. The Avette Fresh Squeeze Mask in “Soothing Lychee” smells deliciously like a Hawaiian garden. Even as I type this, the memory of the luscious smell makes my stomach growl. 

This sheet mask is more watery than the Wakepure Avocado, but it stays on well. The sheet mask has a cooling sensation, so wearing this mask in the dead heat of summer would probably be a little slice of refreshing spa heaven at home.

Day 3: Wakepure Jayjun Shiso Calming Mask

Jayjun wakepure shiso calming sheet mask

Promise: “Shiso is a powerful antioxidant that defends your skin from free-radical damage. It is infused into this hydrating, calming face mask that helps calm and soothe the skin from stressors, while keeping the skin moisturized.”

Unlike yesterday’s experience, I didn’t notice any particular fragrance. The mask was moisturizing but not as much as the avocado sheet mask facial from Day 1. 

So, while this mask wasn’t particularly remarkable, it did feel good to pause for 20 minutes and do something nice for my skin and myself in general.

Day 4: StarSkin VIP Peeling Mask


Promise: “The innovative Glowstar Peeling Soft Peeling Program Protection Puff lifts away dead skin cells and impurities to unveil a natural, radiant, and silky soft complexion.With a gentle foaming action, the puff brightens and renews all skin types without irritation whilst fermentation technology eliminates all traces of dead skin cells, impurities, and product build-up to promote softer, smoother and brighter skin which dramatically reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.”

I thought I would shake things up a little today. After three days of nourishing, soothing, and calming—time for a peeling mask. 

When I tore open the pouch, I discovered that this packet did not contain a sheet mask at all but included an additional packet that you poured into the larger one. The directions instructed me to add a few drops of water, swish it about a little to make it slightly foamy, then immerse the provided buffing puff. I guided the puff around my face using circular motions, concentrating primarily on my nose, forehead, and chin, and left it on for around two minutes. 

Thankfully, I was timing the process because I might have looked like a burn victim if I had left the peeling solution on a minute longer. Even though the skin around my nose burned with the fire of a thousand bee stings, my skin felt noticeably smoother and only slightly pink.

Admittedly, it felt a lot worse than it looked. I continued to feel the sting for about an hour later before it subsided. I did notice that my makeup glided on, and (could it be?), my pores on my nose and cheeks appeared smaller, skin more refined. I felt like I had a slightly airbrushed look, although I don’t think I applied my makeup any differently. 

You can use this “mask” three more times, although you only want to use it once or twice a week to avoid too much abrasion and peeling from the lactic and glycolic acid mixture.

I realized that I didn’t have that “ohm, spa” feeling at any time before, during, or after this mask experience. The whole process felt like work due to the precise timing and afterburn. But, I do appreciate the noticeable skin improvements and immediate results because otherwise, what’s really the point if it doesn’t even work?

Day 5: StarSkin VIP Cream de la Creme

Starskin vip cream de la creme sheet mask. Png

Promise: “Cream de la Crème™ is a one-of-a-kind sheet face mask made of two layers. The inner layer is coated with a remarkable 18g of super-concentrated, luxurious cream while the outer protective layer functions as a shield. This delivery system allows you to force feed dry and depleted skin with almost HALF A JAR of cream in just one treatment to ensure ultimate absorption for spectacular results! Rich in active ingredients, this luxurious, highly-concentrated cream combines Tomato and Shea Butter to deliver exceptionally nourished and replenished skin in just 20 minutes.”

The following day, a glance in the mirror revealed that my face was peeling. The skin on my nose, forehead, chin was completely flaking off. Well, at least the “peeling” mask was living up to its promise—time for damage control.

I lightly buffed my skin with my blue Foreo Luna 3 to gently slough off the dead, peeling skin, then went straight for the most moisturizing mask of the bunch: the Creme de la Creme. This sheet mask facial comes in two pieces for the top and bottom halves of the face and is more slippery than an eel. The bottom part goes on first, then the top and each is heavily coated with a thick layer of fragrance-free cream.

Pressing the mask against my exfoliated skin had a cooling and relaxing effect with zero burn, thankfully. After 20 minutes, I removed it and noticed that the peeling areas had vanished, and my skin looked and felt incredibly smooth and moisturized.

I kept the wrapping the mask came in because it contained quite a bit more of the moisturizer, and that evening applied the rest of the cream on my face. My skin was unquestionably the better for it, and all traces of peeling and stinging had vanished by that evening.

Day 6: Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrogel Mask

Neutrogena hydro boost sheet mask

Promise: This moisturizing sheet mask facial with hyaluronic acid instantly quenches dry skin and contours to your skin for optimal absorption, leaving it supple and hydrated.

The next morning, my skin still needed more hydration to recover from the peeling mask. Enter the Neutrogena Hydro Boost mask. It was doused so heavily in a moisturizer that it took me several agonizing minutes to unfold each corner in preparation to apply it to my face. Even once I placed it on my face, the saturated pieces were difficult to maneuver. It felt amazing, though. Cooling, moisturizing––like my face was swimming in hydration.

After my 20 minutes were up, my skin felt chilled and calm. With much of the redness diminished, my face felt entirely hydrated for hours afterward. There was so much serum left in the sachet that I applied more that night before I went to sleep, so a double-win.

Hair Sheet Mask: L’Oreal EverPure Deep Moisture Sheet Mask Steam Treatment for Hair

Loreal everpure deep moisture hair mask

Motivated by this 10-day sheet mask facial experiment, I thought I would branch out and try a sheet mask designed for hair. The L’Oreal EverPure Deep Moisture Sheet Mask Steam Treatment in Aloe Blossom was an inexpensive purchase.

After a bit of fumbling, I had it wrapped around my hair during the usual conditioning step of my shower routine. I could tell the difference after 5 minutes.

Since there didn’t seem like there was that much product layered into the hair mask, I wasn’t sure how much benefit there would be, but the trick is the steam. After the 5 minutes were up and I removed the hair mask, my strands were coated in a luxurious conditioner. My hair had zero tangles, and once it was dry, it felt silky smooth. I’m prone to frizz, so the fact it was mostly diminished, even after air-drying my hair, is saying something. 

I will be re-purchasing.

Day 7: Pink Milk Mask 

Pink milk mask sheet facial

Promise: “Toning & Radiance

Hmmm. I wonder where they got the name for this mask? Let’s see; it’s a light pink mask in a bright pink package coated in a serum that looks like milk. Aside from the lack of creativity on behalf of the marketing department, it’s a nice mask. It had a silky, creamy consistency with no noticeable fragrance, and it left my skin feeling deeply moisturized. I would happily indulge my skin again in this rather nondescript sheet mask facial. 

Day 8: Daily Fresh Squeeze by Avette in “Watery Green Grape”

Avette daily fresh squeeze sheet mask facial

Promise: “The Mask moisturizes dry skin with the synergy of Hawaiian coconut water and green grape extract rich in moisture.”

“Watery” is the keyword here, and it smells like a grape martini I had once when I used to drink sweet martinis. As I relaxed into the 20 minutes, feeling a little nostalgic, I suddenly noticed the cold. Even after I removed the sheet mask, my face felt like it was freezing. Chilliness aside, my skin feels moisturized but not greasy and looks fairly calm with only a slight pinkness on the cheeks.

Day 9: Wakepure Jayjun Seaberry Brightening Mask


Promise: “A revitalizing, brightening face mask enriched with seaberry extract that helps improve the look of skin appearance and delivers radiance to your complexion. Give some radiance to your dull skin with some self-love care.”

I was in a flurry on this day, cleaning the house and grading literature essays, so I almost forgot to slap a sheet mask on. This brightening mask seemed like the perfect choice. The mask went on much like the one the day before. Also, like the one yesterday, it cooled my skin so much that I felt like I had put my face inside a blast chiller. Afterward, my skin was a little pink but smooth, and my pores were noticeably smaller.

Day 10: StarSkin VIP Close-Up Firming Bio-Cellulose Face Mask


Starskin close-up firming sheet mask

Promise: “STARSKIN® Close-Up™ is a Bio-Cellulose Firming Face Mask that firms, lifts and sculpts for a supple, youthful appearance. STARSKIN®’s premium Bio-Cellulose is formulated with naturally fermented, vitamin-rich coconut juice, and firms and nourishes the skin without irritation. The translucent sheet mask contours closely to the face to deliver a powerful complex of gravity-defying Glacier extract and Tripeptide-1, which improves the appearance of saggy, drawn skin. Each firming face mask is soaked in 30ml of serum that leaves skin flawless and ready for the most high-definition close-up. Ace the A-list way to restore firmer and smoother skin in just 20 minutes.”

I thought I would end my 10 day sheet mask facial challenge on a high note. Since it was the final day of the experiment, I wanted to luxuriate in the moment. The firming mask was a little complicated to apply. Once you opened the packet, the slippery mask was inside, and you had to remove one layer, apply the mask to your face, and then remove a final net-like layer. 

During the 20 minutes, I could feel a tightening effect on my face, but nothing extreme. There was also no noticeable fragrance. The label mentioned that you might have some redness to the skin afterward, but I didn’t notice any overt redness. My skin looked hydrated and smooth, although I didn’t see it looking any “tighter” per se.

So, What Have I Learned?

After my 10-day sheet mask facial challenge, my skin is somewhat smoother, my pores are a tiny bit smaller, redness is lessened, and my face looks more glowy and hydrated. All in all, I recommend treating yourself to back-to-back days of sheet masks.

Is it ok to use a sheet mask every day? Yes. Just be sure not to overdo the brightening, tightening, and peeling ones. Keep those to maybe once a week to avoid your skin becoming distressed.

Can you leave sheet masks on for longer? The moisturizing ones, for sure. The peeling ones? Follow the directions and set a timer to avoid a facial disaster.

Does a sheet mask facial even work? Yes and no. It’s complicated. If you were only going to try a sheet mask once or twice, and base your decision to use them off of that result, then no. Like most skincare products, they’re not miracle workers, nor do they give you the instant airbrushed results of, say, a Hydrafacial. But, as with most things in life, consistency is the key.

Use them regularly as part of your skincare routine, and you’re going to reap the benefits of more hydrated skin, tighter pores, and less redness and texture. If I could justify the purchase of 365 various good quality sheet masks so I could treat myself to one facial a day, then I probably would, and my skin would be the better for it. I particularly like the StarSkin brand because they seemed to provide more noticeable results.

What I think was actually the most beneficial and unexpected realization that came from this 10-day sheet mask facial challenge was the 20 minutes I devoted to chilling out and just focusing on taking care of myself. I relaxed, put away my phone, shut out the world for a few minutes, and allowed myself to purely sink into and savor the moment. The skin benefits from those soothing stress-free minutes alone probably helped my skin more than any serum on a thin sheet of cloth.

I look forward to trying more sheet mask brands and types in the coming days. Maybe I’ll save up for a 30-day sheet mask facial challenge extravaganza. Well, one thing’s for sure. No more letting these luxurious 20 minute moments pile up in a drawer for some uncertain, future day. 

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