white squirrel

In Celebration of The White Squirrel

Given the opportunity, humans will celebrate anything. For example, Brevard, North Carolina annually celebrates “The White Squirrel Festival” for three days, in honor of the original lucky pair who escaped a carnival truck that overturned in 1949. 

A Leap of Faith

A Leap of Faith

When I was 7, I jumped off the roof of my house with an opened umbrella, convinced I would fly. I didn’t. The ground rushed up, and I crash-landed in a heap, looking like a small, crumpled Mary Poppins peeping out of the bushes. I learned two things that day: 

Osprey Eyes

Osprey Eyes: Sensing the Silence

It’s when I saw the osprey that everything went truly silent. Perched in solemn stillness on the tip of a blunted branch, the fish-hawk calmly gazed towards the water, looking like a wise old fisherman mentally preparing for the day. 

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